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The Little Gym Europe's business consultants will be your most important resource as a gym owner.

New Business Consultant: Your lifeline during your pre-opening phase. Your Consultant will guide you through the whole process including finance, real estate, training and marketing.

Business Consultant: Your guide to help fast-track your business growth. Their goal is to ensure you get off on the right foot and that the kinks are worked out of your marketing, operational and financial systems. Your mentor for the long-haul. As your business matures, you will need practical advice and best practices. Our Business Consultants are a mix of internal talent and other current owners whose track records are exceptional and insights are invaluable. Your Business Consultant stays in touch to discuss day-to-day operations. They will visit your gym annually for an extensive facility review and hands-on guidance. Best of all, their mentoring continues throughout your ownership.

Consultant Services

Curriculum Development

The Game Plan

No one tops The Little Gym at developing age-appropriate curriculum - it's why we're the top choice amongst fun franchises.

Our proprietary, detailed lesson plans allow you and your team to easily deliver exceptional classes. Each class, each week, and each ​s​eason comes with its own unique lesson plans, adding variety and appeal to your programs.

Our Curriculum Department continues to research and develop new programs, music, themes and activities to keep lessons fresh and encourage children to return ​s​eason after ​s​eason. You'll receive all the tools you need through a secure Lesson Plan website, allowing you to quickly access lesson plans, tutorial skills videos, teaching aids​, music and more. These tools are designed to help you save time and stay focused on building membership, increasing revenues - and changing lives.

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You Can Count On Us

Our top priority is seeing our franchise owners reach their potential. In order to help our owners reach their potential, our Finance Department works with you from day one, providing the financial training and support to start operating your gym.

In the pre-opening phase, you’ll learn our financial strategies. Most importantly, you’ll have access to our Pro Forma Business Model, an insightful financial planning tool. This projection tool is designed to help you set and achieve your business goals.

Throughout your ownership, the Finance Department will be a powerful ally, available for one-on-one consultations and to review the financial and analytical tools we provide to operate your gym.

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Financial Services

Human Resources

Developing a Team

Hiring is part intuition, part science.

Detailed job descriptions, interviewing tips, and techniques on obtaining reference and background checks are just a few of the tools that will help you assemble the greatest team for your business.

Technically Speaking

The Little Gym Europe provides startup and ongoing tools and support to all The Little Gym owners. We constantly improve the usability of tools currently available and create new tools to help your gym run more efficiently.

Our in-gym software provides the ability to track all of the day to day operations such as registrations, payments, and attendance. This tool can also output more than 40 critical reports that will help you manage and grow your business.

The Marketing Department also supports The Little Gym Europe individual gym websites, a marketing portal for all gym owners, and several other innovative, proprietary tools designed to help grow your business.

IT Services


To Market

The Little Gym Europe team takes the mystery out of marketing through step-by-step training and access to an abundance of proven materials that provide the best franchise support.

We have turnkey solutions available for traditional media, online and direct-to-consumer tactics and are constantly creating new marketing materials to assist you in the continued growth of your business.

We show you how to conduct a successful grand opening, develop brand awareness in your neighborhood and community, attract new members, and retain existing ones. We have turnkey solutions available in the form of print, public relations, online marketing, direct mail, in-gym marketing and grass roots initiatives. And we are constantly creating new marketing materials to assist you in the continued growth of your business.

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Location, Location, Location

Once your ownership agreement is complete, your first step is site selection. That’s where our Real Estate Training comes in. This knowledge give you the confidence to know you’ve selected the best available location for your new enterprise. Your new business consultant will advise you on your lease, construction permits, licensing and zoning.

Our team will also advise you during the build-out, helping select qualified vendors and assisting with construction deadlines. They’ll acquaint you with our interior design standards as well as the demographic and psychographic data which can affect your choices among our variable site options. To ensure a timely opening, they’ll coordinate your equipment ordering. Their goal is to quickly get you up and running to help you achieve early success.

Real Estate



The thought of starting a new business is enough to tie anyone up in knots. But our Training Department is there for you every step of the way.

Our instruction will provide a solid foundation and get you off to a great start. We also conduct hands-on training, real-life in-gym sessions and even online refresher courses.

Our training department is there with a YES! attitude and years of in-gym experience to help you teach the best classes, keep your employees motivated, and grow your business.

What people are saying

I always knew I wanted to start a company that I would be passionate about, but also that would beneficial to other people and would allow me to have the flexibility to spend time with my family.

— Monica Pastor
The Little Gym® Westfield, Franchise Owner

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