Estimated Costs

The initial investment includes your entrance fee. You are awarded a geographical territory for a 10-year term and you receive full access to The Little Gym Europe curriculum, tools and services developed over the past 40 years. You will receive our comprehensive training and the full support of a business consultant. These are only the headlines in your comprehensive pre-opening support package to give you every opportunity to get off to a great start.


Management Fee
As a member of the network you will contribute an 8% service management fee on your gross monthly revenue. This ensures your continued support via your business consultant and the entire support team, access to all existing tools and services as well as the continuous development and evolution of the brand to ensure you continue to offer the world's leading Motor Skill Program for children.

Marketing Fund
There is a 1% contribution of gross monthly revenue to the network's marketing fund. This provides you with cutting edge marketing tools and know-how, to continually grow your business.

Europe      United Kingdom


Should you intend to finance your business through a bank loan you would need to have available a minimum of 30% capital infusion of the total investment, with the remaining 70% being funded by the bank or alternative.


Earning Potential

As with any other businesses, the success of your The Little Gym® is largely dependent on you, your aspirations and how you run your business. The Little Gym® of Europe offers you a strong brand with comprehensive tools and support to give you an outstanding platform for success. As with all franchise opportunities there are no guarantees of success, however, experience shows from recent openings over the past five years that a good performer can expect to reach operational break even before the end of the first year of trading. During the selection process we help you build a full picture specific to your territory to enable you to establish if The Little Gym® meets your expectations.




What people are saying

Changing careers from a chartered accountant to a franchise owner has certainly been challenging – but amazingly rewarding. When a child says that ours is their favourite activity in the week, you can’t ask for more!

— Lindsey Venner
The Little Gym® Harpenden, Franchise Owner

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